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Before You Join!

Once you get inside there will be no more help so an explanatory note here may assist you greatly.

The system works by allowing you to create projects. Then for any given project you can open a work session. While the session is open the clock is ticking and as soon as you have finished working on that project you return to the page (your browser can be closed in between) and tell it to close the session.

That time committment is now logged.

By collating the logs into useful information (total project time, total calendar time, etc...) you can better manage your time. Sub projects are not supported, but by using project names like "New Website - Week 1","New Website - Week 2" etc... this feature can be successfully simulated.

This is something that I wrote for me to use and I find that it works perfectly. If you want it to do something slightly different then please write to me and ask as there is no doubt that it can be done.

If you don't find this useful at all then please just delete your account and go on your way. This is done by clicking on the settings icon at the bottom right, closing your account and then heading somewhere cool like Digg for some easy procrastination.

And finally, the system looks perfect on Firefox. So if you're using another web browser then I suggest you change, trust me, it'll be worth it.


06/12/2023 08:37:11