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Just Gotta Go! - About This Site

What is Going On?

Q. Er, so what does this website do?

Primarily this website about us, Matt and I, and our boat and the places we visit.

Q. Who is "Matt and I?

That would be Matthew Beacroft and Ashley Norris, and you can read more about us here.

Q. Gee, there's not much in the help section.

Well, it's a website, click around and do stuff, that's much more fun than reading a help page. I'd recommend starting with the photos.

Q. How can I make the website look as good as possible?

Firstly, use a proper standards compliant web browser, my recommendation being Firefox which is both free and awesome all at the same time. In addition to this there is an excellent trick, and one that will help you view many web pages optimally, to changing the text size: CTRL + "+" or CTRL + "-". Give it a go! You can also do the same thing by holding CTRL and scrolling the wheel on your mouse.