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25/Jan/09 - Shark Bay

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A Cold, Tired Very Wet Ash.
A Cold, Tired, Mildly Wet Hugh Miller.
Animation in Turtle Bay.
Ash Eating Oysters.
Ash Enjoying a Coldie at Sea.
Ash Hoists the flags for Australia Day.
Ash Reefing the Main.
Ash Sailing.
Ash and Hugh Setting Sail From Turtle Bay.
Ash harrassing a passing Crab.
Ash in Rough Seas.
Ben and Ash and Rice Crackers.
Ben and Ash at Turtle Bay.
Ben, Hugh and Ash at Carnarvon.
Hugh Miller Sailing The Boat.
Hugh and Ash at Turtle Bay.
Shark Bay Sunrise with Ash.
Shark Bay Sunrise.
Shark Bay Sunset.