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10/01/2007 12:00   Byron Bay   [Road Trips]

Meat and I took the van up to Byron for a bit of a bash. She purred all the way up and all the way back but kept leaking quite a bit of oil, something to worry about in the future .

Sleeping in the back with Meat was comfortable and there was only one occasion when he got so drunk he didn't know where he was and woke up in a bush somewhere...

Saw Neil Bond and Kesava Jay, blasts from the past, both seem to be well and taking it easy.

25/12/2006 12:00   Tasmania Or Bust   [Road Trips]

We took the Kombi down to Tas via Gippsland and gee it went well. No dramas at all, even with an adventurous 90km dash along the west coast's dirt track.

All up we drove 4500kms in a little over three weeks and saw some beautiful parts of Australia.

29/07/2006 16:58   Finished Invitation.   [Road Trips]

I have finished the invitation. It looks a lot like the old one.....

(but has a few updated details)

Monday 7 August Update: Today I bought 300 dollars worth of supplies for the party..... all of them alchoholic

26/07/2006 12:42   Splendour Bender - The Return   [Road Trips]

This will just be a quick entry. The important thing is that the kombi performed flawlessly. Fighting late starts, disorganisation and continual rain, the kombi valiantly hauled us through Orange, Sydney, up the coast to Scotts Head, and triumphantly into Byron Bay!

Despite early rain, then festival itself was clear and sunny almost the whole time. The only reminder of the rain was the ankle-deep mud, rich and smelly. There was a real festival atmosphere, with most of the 17 500 punters friendly and mellow, perhaps due to the copious weed being very publicly smoked...

We collected plenty of photos, which are still awaiting review and collation, and even a few snippets of video.

The return journey was a little more subdued, but we had time for some much-needed R&R at Scotts Head this time around, before a final mad dashd down the coast then back to Canberra.

22/07/2006 18:26   Behold What I Have Created   [General]

Hey Ash,

You are great at photoshopping....
My photoshopping skills are total pigpooh.....

I am sending you this file in photoshop format. will you play with it for me?

Nick is going to get wet in Byron I think...... That will help him slip in and out from between all those chicks he will be mud wrestling with.....

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