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04/06/2015 12:00   End Of An Era   [General]

Now that few of us inhabit the same country, let alone the same state or town, it's time for our beloved kombi to go. Scene of many good times, friends (and the occasional thieving scumbag) it has been a great part of our lives for a decade. Even if a good portion of that decade was spent in various states of disrepair. It has been bought a professional VW restorer so we hope that the van will get the fancy restoration it deserves and live out its new life as the pampered toy of a wealthy baby boomer. Not many cars receive this fate! Although at the end of the day, being melted down to make a newer, safer, more efficient vehicle is a worthy end too.

Farewell, kombi, it's been fun. And thanks Mrs West for letting us park it at your house for so long!

hopefully Ash will leave this site up as homage to our perseverance, mechanical ineptitude and penchant for crass metaphors. Maybe there is even some information buried in these pages that can help someone doing their own VW restoration!

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