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13/07/2009 12:09   Lazarus   [Engine And Drive]

After languishing under a tarpaulin for over a year, the kombi's sexy curves have seduced us once more, and it's time to get intimate with her again. Much like a woman, there are many mysteries hidden beneath that sexy exterior and much like any sensible man, the best way to explore those mysteries is to charge in there with the biggest tool you can find.

At risk of overdoing the metaphor, the two torque wrenches at our disposal should come in most useful.

It's shaping up to be an awesome weekend of mechanical work, the likes of which have not been seen since Noala Pl hosted the original Kombi project all those years ago, when we were fresh-faced undergrads with more enthusiasm for a 30-year-old German van than our studies. I for one think this is an admirable attitude and I hope our roadtrip to the city to surf will be the first of many to come, now that we are all safely graduated and at least some of us gainfully employed.

The plan is to pull the engine to bits, have a look at it, then re-assemble it with new bits where required. I've just got off the phone to Ross the VW guy in Orange, who assures us he can source all the gaskets, seals, and other miscellanea the engine will inevitably need. He also suggests that the Van engine had an aluminium case and therefore may not need as much work as the older magnesium motors. This is the first bit of good news we've had and gives us some hope that we'll get get the work done before the city to surf, or at least before the entropy death of the universe.

Much, much more to follow over the coming week.

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