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27/11/2007 16:09   A New Home, A New Project!!!   [General]

This Kombi project has been fantastic, and as a true testament to how good the van is I've been living in it for the past six months. :)

He he, and seriously, it is a fantastic house! Check out the pics, you can see that I'm in a high-rise car park and the security is really good, which means I sleep soundly at night.

By living in the van I've saved the cash I need to begin a new adventure: to sail around the world! You can keep tabs on our progress at the sailing website here:

The kombi will still be loved and to keep her in top notch condition she will be put up on blocks and mothballed at a secret location near Orange. I'll keep this website up though, there is still heaps of invaluable information for anyone else attempting such a project with as much ignorance as us...

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