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13/06/2007 21:06   Fixed Up Exhaust Manifolds   [Engine And Drive]

This weekend we're putting the engine back together but there is still a bit of preparation left to do. Tonight I got our exhaust manifolds in order. The main problem with them is that they are old and pooh.

Now, I did ring around a few places, send some emails and make plenty of enquiries on the forums. Was there a new manifold to be had? Was there a second-hand manifold to be had? Was there a poohty crappy one a bee's penis better than ours? No there wasn't

The main problem with ours is that the passenger side one has a big hole in it right the way around where the tube meets the flange, a favorite place for some! but not a good thing to have on a registered vehicle. So I cleaned it up and did what could be considered the most dodgy brazing job ever. Please find some equally crappy photos that I took on my phone since there was no better camera at hand, after seeing how badly the photos came out I realised I shouldn't have bothered.

On Saturday I'll be lapping the valves and putting the heads back together and then on Sunday we'll put the whole beast back in the, er, beast. You gotta see the phat muffler I bought as a treat, he he he, Nick's gonna hate it!!! :)

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