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26/05/2007 03:11   Nice...   [General]


Good to see the Kombi is still getting plenty of love! It's probably about time that engine got pulled to bits - it was from a dubious source in the first place and we didn't exactly scrutinize it in detail when we first did the transplant

I reckon just cleaning all the pooh off the cooling fins will probably improve its reliability... But I'm dead keen to see the results of some more internal work, courtesy of Ash's employer!

Oh and an alternative to the Subaru flat four (which would be damn cool, especially if we could tuck an intercooler up there in a rear cooling vent!) is the family of Mazda V6s. They're available in a 1.8, 2.0 and 2.5 and have been transplanted into vehicles as diverse as a VW beetle (at and a ford laser (at autospeed)
Seems like a pretty versatile donk, and common enough that spare parts shouldn't be a problem. I guess one could also slap twin turbos on there as well!

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