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01/04/2007 12:00   Engine Overhaul   [General]

The Kombi has been running quite nicely for about two years now but since our last trip to Byron Bay in January it's been losing a bit of oil...

How much oil? Around a liter every 1000kms, and it's gushing out enough to be caught up in the turbulence and thrown all over the back of the van. Very messy, very unattractive, and quite concerning since I've no idea where the oil is coming from.

So Marty and I are going to drop the donk, suss out what's happening and give the engine a nice overhaul to keep it running nice. Now, solid advice from anyone is that we should spend some serious money as it is all going to be worth it. Get some new heads ($1100 or so) and new/refurb carbs ($400-$800 depending on what we do) and really get everything right now, since it will save a lot more money down the track.

The thing is, we don't want to do that, especially since the long term aim is to replace the stock VW engine with a nice little Subaru flat four, perhaps with a turbo (or two!) to give us that nice push-along power the Kombi really needs.

But anyway, on to dropping the engine...

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