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20/07/2006 12:42   Big Side Door   [Doors And Windows]

The big side door is the best thing about a Kombi, be it for hanging a leak while speeding down the motorway or just getting really fat chicks into the back, the big side door is essential.

Which is why it's been so sad that ours doesn't work

The side door is attached to the van in three points, sliding guides top at bottom at the front end of the door, and one in the middle of the rear end of the door. This rear one is pretty fancy, containing a spring and some stuff.

That rear sliding guide is what is broken and this makes the door very difficult to open without it jumping off the car. It got dropped a couple of times and the resulting damage to the door probably means it'll need to be replaced

But this post is not all doom and gloom. This morning I removed the rear sliding guide and dismantled it. The broken part is the solid metal "U" that makes up the core component of the slider. It has sheared in one place and I will now solder the part back together. I realise that silver solder isn't terribly strong, but I have been advised that it will be strong enough for what we want. Let's see how it goes...

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