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18/07/2006 00:23   Service Time   [General]

Well, it's half twelve and I'm about to call an end to a very enjoyable evening playing with the Kombi van. Basically this has been our "major" service, roughly twelve months since the van hit the road. So, what did we do?

- Brake pads, just fronts. Flush and bleed fluid.
- Oil, change and filter.
- Transmission, oil top up (200ml)
- Grease front beam and check play in bearings, all OK.
- New air filter.

At this point we figure we're ready for a tune, so we head over to Marty's place, our resident VW expert. Well, he owns a dwell meter and timing light and he knows how to use them! An hour of talking rubbish, drinking Owen's wine and hassling Marty about tuning the van results in us deciding that everyhting is already tuned! So that was that. Nick and I hung around to drink some more wine and then Nick had to get to work.

Big thanks go out to Marty for helping with the tuning, and to Owen for plying us with wine, huzzah!

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