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09/07/2006 12:00   Half-arsed Service   [Engine And Drive]

On a miserable Sunday, Marty and myself rocked up at Ash's to give the kombi a bit of a service. Marty, perfectionist as always, seemed convinced that 3mm of brake pad material was somehow below the accepted 9mm standard! So we added brake pads to the shopping list. Apparently the air filter isn't supposed to be black with crud either, so we needed a new one of those...

All this did us not the least bit of good as none of the mainstream auto-parts stores stocked kombi parts. This seems a bit of an oversight, it's not they are that rare around the streets of Canberra. Maybe the problem is that VW owners never service their cars - so nobody ever needs spare parts.

We did at least manage to find oil and a filter so we set to work changing those.

And here the story turns tragic - we drained the sump to find metal flakes, and some fragments of something hard and black. Shit.

We washed the fragments so we could get a look them properly (note that acetone does not remove engine oil - use kero) and found that they seemed to be made of some hard plastic, like Bakelite or something. Martin suggests they are valve-stem seals.

Regardles, this is _not_ a cool thing to find in one's engine oil - anything other than old oil is uncool, and bits of the engine's internal workings quite terrifying. We'll need the have a word to a real VW mechanic to determine what the bits are from, and what we need to do/how much it'll cost to fix it...

Stay tuned for the cliffhanging next chapter...

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