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06/06/2006 16:44   Our Legal System Fails Again   [General]


So I made a brief appearance at Queanbeyan local court this morning to plead guilty to a charge of driving an unregistered vehicle. Said vehicle was one sexy Kombi being driven by my kind and innocent self after a week in QLD and northern NSW. You can imagine my surprise when after a week on the road over Christmas and New Years I get pulled over 20 minutes from home on the outskirts of Canberra and fined!

It's a good thing the Magistrate was a nice lady, because today she reduced my fine from $900 to $200; for a beautiful net profit to myself of $700 for about 4 hours work (of course sitting in a court room chuckling at what things people will say to get out of a fine is hardly work).

Now before you consider me vain and bitter and grow cynical of my teribly good fortune please realise that this will never happen to me again, period. I realise I've been slapped on the wrist and will never again be let off, so that should mean it won't happen again...will it

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