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11/05/2006 15:10   More Junked Metal To Play With   [General]

Last week I bought not one but two Ford Capris. No, not the old-school muscle car, but the much-maligned early '90s convertible. I drove an old VW Golf convertible in Colorado and fell in love with the idea of open-top motoring. A capri is far and away the cheapest way to get into a convertible in Australia, and despite the negative press at the time, it's not _that_ bad. Based on Mazda 323/Ford Laser mechanicals, it is mechanically very reliable, and parts are easy to find and cheap. Sure the roof will probably leak, and there'll be some body flex, but that is part of the romance of a convertible. Perhaps my attitude will change as I get more closely acquainted with the car!

But why two? Well, there was one silver number that was the right price, but in need of a head gasket to make it run. Not to mention that the interior is a complete mess after the owner decided to re-spray it himself!

Also listed at the same time was a damaged ClubSprint model. This is the limited-edition model that was enhanced by Tickford, apparently with better suspension, interior and a body kit. The one I was looking at had been hit allegedl;y by a crazy lady in a Commodore who had lost control coming thru a roundabout and used the poor Capri as a crumple zone. So the exterior of this one was shot, but the interior is in great condition. And forget the head gasket for Capri number one, this baby has the tasty 1.6 DOHC turbo motor. Hopefully it hasn't suffered too much damage in the crash, and can be transplanted, along with all the interior goodies, into the first car, giving me a very tidy "Franken-Capri" at a bargain price.

But I've taken up enough space on this kombi blog. Eventually I'll get a site of my own, possibly when our esteemed administrator Bucket gets back from his magnificent Gallic adventure. Half your luck mate!

I attach a couple of photos of what I am up against with these capris.

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