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27/07/2005 13:57   Wheel Bearing Fitted   [Wheels, Brakes And Suspension]

Last night it was cold and a fine rain blew sideways into the car port. Certainly NOT the best conditions for the work I was doing, but, by being careful and rigorous I was able to get the Kombi back on the road.

The new bearings went in very simply. Greased up and packed the inside bearing first. This is a grooved ball bearing and required quite a bit of work to get the grease right through the unit. I carefully drifted the bearing into place from the back of the hub and it went in easily.

From the front I filled the hub with grease and then fitted the front bearing. This is a roller bearing and the inside sleeve is loose. So I put that aside and fitted the bearing after packing it.

The spacer (metal cylinder) fits perfectly from the front and just sits in the pile of grease between the bearings before the inside sleeve of the front bearing follows it into position.

The big circlip went in easily from behind and the two grease seals are pressed into place with a bit of force.

I lined up the stub axle and drove it through from the back. It was a little stiff at one point but it travelled through cleanly before coming to rest hard up against the inside bearing. As it came through it took the inside sleeve of the outside bearing with it. But I carefully drifted the sleeve back while holding the axle with my hand and everything was then finished.

Final reassembly was easy, just replace the rotor, do up the castle nut and fix the brake drum and it's done. The castle nut is a big 46mm mofo and you may have trouble getting it done up to torque. I've got access to a massive shifter that I'm goingt to use on mine but you may have to buy one or drive past your local VW garage and get them to do it for you.

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