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26/07/2005 11:28   Old Ones Out   [Wheels, Brakes And Suspension]

Last night I got home on dark and rigged up my lights. Messing with grease under a car in the cold is hardly a plan for a pleasant evening, but, I want to get the Kombi rolling again as soon as possible so I dived right in.

Reading desriptions of the process it was really confusing because of all the different ways of describing the sides of the bearing. For my write up here there are two sides. The front, top, or outside refers to the side of the bearing where the wheel goes on. The back, bottom or inside referes to the side of the bearing where the CV attaches. When talking about the actual bearing there is an inside (the axle) and an outside (the hub) so check the context carefully,

As per the instructions for the '71 the bearings came out quite easily. I'll take some photos when I do the other side later, so the written word will have to do for now.

Take off the wheel (duh) and the brake drum (careful of the dust).

Undo the bottom shock bolt and push the shock up and out of the way. This isn't essential but will make the job a lot easier.

Take off the big castle nut (needs a 46mm socket - more on that later) and remove the rotor. This is a disk of metal that has the wheel studs pressed into it. It'll just pull off towards you.

Get around the back and take off the CV. A few notes here. Spend some time picking the crap out of the heads of the hex bolts that hold the CV on. If you strip these then it's gonna suck big time. I also sprayed on some WD40 - but not too much, I don't want any pooh getting in the CV once it's off as I only recently repacked them and don't want to have to do it again. Once the bolts are off have a plastic bag and some rubber bands handy to cover the cv and protect it from pooh getting in. It will swing down and to the side initially, but once clear of the stub axle it can be swung up high and tied out of the way.

The stub axle goes through the hub from the CV to the wheel. Get a big hammer and drive it to the inside, it'll just fall out.

The bearing is protected by two seals (inside and out) and mine were really tough to get out. Cut them and use a big screwdriver to prise them out.

At the back there is a massive (50mm or so) circlip. I read about some guy busting his flash circlip pliers getting it out so I initially tried a screwdriver. This was stupid. I used a normal pair of long (50-60 mm) needle nose pliers and put the points in the clip and squeezed, it worked a charm and came out dead simple.

Drift out the bearings using whatever you've got. I used a big screwdriver and a tire iron. The outside bearing sleeve is still in but I'll get a bronze drift onto it tonight and it'll come right out (fingers crossed!).

Once done everything needs a really good clean, especially at the back of the hub where, if like ours, 30 years of road grime has accumulated. You don't want anything getting in the bearing as you fit it. Also the brake dust is nasty and probably getting in the way. You also don't want this in your bearings so try to clean it up as best you can.

I'm getting the new bearings today and will write up the installation tomorrow.

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