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25/07/2005 11:51   Transmission/Transaxle Links   [Engine And Drive]

We've got a leaking seal at the shift end of the gearbox. Here are some notes/links on transaxle topics.


T2 Transmissions/Gearboxes

by Todd Hill, VolksWerks Transaxles, Olympia, WA

"Is there any way to identify the year of manufacture of a type II transmission by external case stampings or any other external method?"

What year Bus we talking about?

The '68s were a one year only style maincase in which both of the side covers under the inner CV flanges were held on by studs and acorn nuts rather than the later screw in style retainers.

1969-1974 pretty much look the same except that the '71-'74s use the later style T/O bearing and clutch arm.

The 1975s are also a one year only 002 maincase with 5 larger ribs vs. the 3 ribbed earlier cases. Also, AFAIK, starting in 1975 the last digit of the serial number reflects the year in which it was made. But since it is the 5 rib version you'll know its a '75 simply by looking at it.

Internally the transaxles are the same with some minor modifications changes in gear ratios, and ring and pinion sets.

However, we have a '76 Bus and the '76-'79 Kombis used the 091 transmission. But it'll be best if we correctly identify which one we have. I'll do it tonight.

On attaching the CVs to the transmission and wheel hubs I found this snippet: "Check your manual for the exact torque, but it should be about 35 Ft-lbs." This will be important when we remove the wheel hubs to replace the bearings. When we first installed the CVs we just did them up tight tight tight!

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