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25/07/2005 10:46   Rear Wheel Bearings   [Wheels, Brakes And Suspension]

I jacked the van up last week to check out the rear wheel bearings and found the passenger side rocked around in my hands like a granny giving a hand job. Not good.

Reading here will give you a brief fill you in on what happened to the front bearings. I was understandably concerned that the rear ones where going to go sometime soon, and there was a bit of noise coming from the rear. I wasn't sure if it was CVs (rebuilt by us so who knows how long they were going to last) or the transmission (complete unknown, changed oil, but front seal leaking) packing in on us, but knowing it's the bearing is kind of good news.

I havn't been able to dismantle the hub yet (the brake drum comes off easy, photos to come) so I'll be doing some web research and posting some links and instructions on what to do if you've the same problem. Wish me luck!

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