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08/05/2005 21:10   THE OFFICIAL RULES   [Road Trips]

OK here they are, this is only v 0.8 and not the final release. Any feedback would be appreciated....

  1. Owner drives 1st.
  2. The person who owns the vehicle (or in this case who has spent the most on the vehicle) sits next to the driver. They are the ONLY one who has access to the CD player.
  3. He who has the strongest bladder controls pit-stops - however, this does NOT mean you cannot piss out of the sliding door.
  4. He who is least pissed drives after the owner.
  5. If the event of a flat tyre occurs, the driver must drink at least 4 beers during the tyre change, or run past an oncoming vehicle naked. The driver then changes to the next least pissed person.
  6. If a stop at a servo/ fast food place occurs, then the occupants must ALL buythe same thing as the driver, regardless of taste. However, if the driver Does NOT eat all their food, then they must drink 4 beers and hand the steerer over to the next person.
  7. All fast food rubbish must be "removed" from the vehicle in one big go, in any fashion.
  8. If the driver stalls the vehicle they receive a 2 stubby scoll penalty and hand over the wheel.
  9. If ANYONE is found to have farted, the vehicle must be pulled over and the guilty party must scoll 3 beers, though this does NOT include the driver.
  10. Vomiting within the bus in NOT permitted, though out OF the bus is, guilty parties must scoll one stubby.
  11. Smoking cigarettes IS NOT permitted, however a bong shall be provided. Smokers of the bong must sit at opening window seat.
  12. A board shall be provided, with a tally written by a designated accountant for each beer drunk (+2), vomit (+5), piss in public (+2), shyte in public (+7), moony (+3). Points will be deducted by helping old ladies across the street, being overly polite whilst driving, or stopping for wildlife.
  13. If the bus can get a truck to blow its air horns, a communal scoll of beer is to be consumed by the team. (Not including driver).
  14. If anyone can get abuse given TO the van, that person chooses anyone in the bus to drink.
  15. If the driver gets pulled over he can access points by blowing into a breatho (+5) or wearing a coppers hat (+10). These double if it is a female ecilop.
  17. To be fair to Ash, Premium Unleaded only in the tank. The driver at the time of arrival at servo puts in double of everyone else. HOWEVER if we run out of juice, the driver must walk to the next servo whilst everyone else gets pissed and has a bbq on the side of the road.
  18. If You sleep your Junk Food will be eaten by others, if you awake during this process they may be punished, however no grudges are to be made if you sleep through it.
  19. Everyone in the bus has to modify at least one road sign with a chisel tip marker.
  20. All patrons must be wearing a wife beater (Bonds brand ONLY) BEFORE WE LEAVE ACT.
  21. Never bag out anyone on the team's beer brand, strength, or type. (This does NOT include bloody Guiness, the shyte that it is.)
  22. I am putting all my music I have as mp3 format and onto a dvd, this is over 60 hours of music and will be on random, SO NO BITCHING ABOUT TUNES!
  23. All stubby labels must be placed on the outers of the Kombi windows.
  24. If anyone is mad enough to want to step into a bottle shop, then whatever they buy must be divided equally umongst the patrons. If anyone refuses to drink then they must scoll one stubby for each shot that everyone else takes....

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