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05/05/2005 11:36   Headlights   [General]

Last night I aligned the headlights. It wasn't too hard, just pointed them up the drive and tweaked all the screws until they pointed where I wanted them. We found a marked asymmetry between the driver's side and passenger side, so I turned the passenger side upside down. This seemed to help but I was never happy with the arrangement. Last night I put it back the right way up and swapped the actual wires - so the high beam filament became the low beam, etc... This worked great, except the whole system was now going high on low, and low on high. Perfect, I thought, that means the driver's side was the wrong one all along! So I swapped the passenger side back and swapped the driver's side over. It all works a treat now.

I suppose there isn't much of a moral to this story, except I'd recommend to anyone that they spend the time to get things done right. It took a little longer, but now we have correctly pointing headlights - and I didn't want to take any risks with the inspection today.

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