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05/05/2005 10:57   Side Door   [Doors And Windows]

The side door has been in need of attention for some time now. It has been difficult to close and there is no handle on the inside. While this isn't such a big deal it does limit one's ability to do really good moons out the side while driving along or to evade certain death in the event of a fire.

There is a shaft for the inside handle that is square so that wiped out the idea of machining up a nice shiny metal handle. It was late last night and I'd run out of ideas and resources, yet I didn't want to get blown on rego because of it. So I made one out of wood.

It's actually quite nice and involved drilling a hole for the attachment bit and glueing that in place. Then cutting a nice shape, sanding and oiling the final piece. It's just Tas Oak - or Euacalyptus, but looks nice and should be strong enough.

I say that because I actually made three of these little damners last night. The first one broke when I fitted it and tried to open the door. The latch mechanism was jammed so I (foolishly - I was tired!) put all my weight on it and it just split in half. The second one didn't make it to completion stage, I stuffed up the final cutting out so it had to be discarded. The third one almost died when I finished it, fitted it, and found that the door wouldn't go all the way open. Ahhhhh, I thought, it's too long, I'll just cut the end off... but I stopped myself in time and realised that the handle is mounted vertically!

So after servicing the latch, tightening all the strikes and relaligning the whole affair I finally got the side door working. The handle looks really nice, if not a little out of place, but it sure beats paying big dollers for the real deal. I'm totally paranoid that it's going to break, like the others, but if people are careful with it then it will be totally fine.

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