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05/05/2005 10:47   Interior Light   [Interior]

It's dark inside a kombi with fully sick tinted windows. Whenever you need to find a beer or grope something in the dark the last thing you need to find is that you're drinking the bong water and holding Mike's flaccid intoxicated penis in your hand! So in the interests of public health and safety I fitted the interior light last night.

It wasn't too hard. The biggest problem was that I didn't have a globe so I wired a little 12v globe, that Nick kindly provided, across the terminals. It was a little tricky as the plastic housing broke on install, so I then glued it back together and got it all in place.

Then I found that the contact on the "door" setting wasn't too good so I had to poke a little jewellers screwdriver up into the switch and scratch the terminal clean. But, after all this we now have a feeble glow that comes on when the driver's door is opened!

I'm note sure about the others as I can't seem to find the wiring, who knows where it's gone!

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