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05/05/2005 09:45   23mm Hex Head   [Engine And Drive]

So.......... Basically the biggest problem with finding a 23mm hex head is getting home and discovering that what you thought was icing sugar is actually fine china white and the hexagonal hole that you want to fill is only 17mm across .

That was stupid of me, I don't know how I stuffed this one up but I feel well silly for doing it! Oh well, I managed to find a 17mm bolt at home () and using the grinder made the round threaded end into an 11mm hex head. This fitted into my socket set quite nicely and I was able to easily get the drain and fill plugs out with a bit of muscle.

The old oil was the crappiest carbon-chain milkshake I've ever seen and smelt like a pooh would after someone had drunk some diesel. I was very glad to see the end of it and get some nice new oil into the gearbox. Filling was a little tricky but we achieved this by using a length of garden hose and a funnel as I don't have an oil pump.

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