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04/05/2005 18:17   Ash The Genius   [Engine And Drive]

Ash, Are you telling me that you couldnt go to your local bolt shop, get a long bolt, and place as many 23mm (or whatever it was) diameter nuts and place them on the thread? Remember that if you tighten each of the end ones together it will nicely make these nuts as tight to each other as a nuns nasty on Sundays. Then its just a case of shearing the excess thread and bolt away.

You could always be really brave and hacksaw a fine groove onto the thead of the bolt and use the chunkiest screwie you can find, although cracking the motherdamner can be a bastard.

PS: Cascade Blue is cascade lager, and is basically Crown Lager with a $32 per carton price tag. I'll bring some to share for sure :P

PPS: Hey Ash, where on Earth did you steal that 80's Commonwealth Bank Biro?

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