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02/05/2005 19:48   Ianest (or KB, Keybanger, Dickhead, Cunt)   [General]

I thought that I would beat Ash at his own game by electing myself as Southern Correspondant Analytical Advisor. If there is shyte that is unclear, particularly in the notion of vehicular can's and can't's, I believe my hoard of speeding offences can shed a bit of light..
The name is Ian, and I drive trucks. I also get right into vomiting on a beer-bong of 700mLs of Bundaberg rum.
I axed a day off work next Friday, and instead of meeting you Arabs in Melbourne Airport, I thought I would jump the band - wagin and get a first-thing-in-the-morning flight to the 'Berra, and join the Vengabus on its southernly route to a place where the beer flows like wine and we can vomit in a public place without seeing it again for quite some time.
I thought I would have a go at a bit of a doco - With my camera in hand, half a dozen 8mm tapes and a beanie full of batteries, I will interview random dudes along the way, then get home, plug it into the HP, and create a DVD with my fully paid for and registered copy of a certain DVD creation program (well maybe the last bit IS a bit of BS)
Anyway I must run, and I shall correspond in the near future.

PS Rene Rivkin isn't dead, he is at the same burger joint as Elvis.

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