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02/05/2005 11:24   Minor Items   [General]

So I probably shouldn't have been so rash to anounce v1.0 There are a few minor items that will require attention before the inspection on Thursday.

  • Side door requires an interior handle to be fitted.
  • Headlights and driving lights require an alignment.
  • A few scratches here and there could be resprayed with a pressure pack.
  • Interior light would be nice.
  • Radio interference needs to be sorted out.
  • Wiring behind dash could do with a neaten.

Not all of these things are vital for the inspection, probably only the interior door handle is important, but I'll be looking to do some of these tonight or over the next few days. They're not hard and are really a 1 or 2 man job, so Nick and I can sort them out, just keeping everyone in the loop.

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