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02/05/2005 11:17   Kombi Finished (Well Almost)   [General]

Dear All,

The Kombi van is finally finished - it's reached version 1.0 and damn it feels good! This has been an awesome project and one that has stretched my abilities to their limits. I've learnt so much about painting, metal, electrics, motors and machining that I personally consider the time to have been exceptionally well spent.

But I've also learnt a lot about people and friendships. The guys that have come over every weekend and dedicated so much of their energy to this project have filled me with inspiration, because they didn't do it for me, they did it for the idea, the concept, the sheer boldness of the thought: "hmmm, I think we can rebuild a kombi...nay, we CAN rebuild a kombi!"

Thanks heaps to all who have helped over the 254 days this project has been running. But especially, Marty Greenaway, Tim Williams, Nick West, Mike Kelly and Paul Howe. I really appreciate everything these guys have done and when you see them please let them know how awesome they are, they deserve it!

This website will continue to exist as there is still much to come and I look forward to everyone's ongoing contribution.

With much love,


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