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01/05/2005 12:00   No More Dodgy Clutch   [General]

Today we repaired the clutch cable. Now what had happened is that the old one had been cut, around 10cm short of the transmission end. This proved to be a very stupid thing to do and I wouldn't advise anyone to do the same. But it was late, and and dark and we were tired and we couldn't work out how to get the cable out.... der, er, well, *shuffle* - it made sense at the time!

But that's in the past, today we took a 6cm long block of steel and machined up a cable joiner. It consists of two parallel holes with three screws down each side to clamp onto the cable. You can see in the photo that it's pretty neat and once it was fitted it was obvious that it's not going anyplace!

Obviously this isn't a factory perfect repair. For a start losing the clutch in the middle of a busy intersection isn't really a fun thought. But then we don't want to drop $30-$50 on a new cable right now. I know that a good second hand one will come by at some point and we'll replace this one. We also don't intend to drive on it for 10 years (although I think it'll last that long), this one will be replaced within 5 years easily.

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