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27/04/2005 14:20   Mains Power   [Kombionics]

Mains power in the van would be really handy - we could use phone chargers and computers etc without having to fork out for overpriced "car" accessories. The trouble with inverters that whatever model you look at, there's always a better version for only ten bucks more.

Locally, we'll probably just be able to get something from Dick Smith or Jaycar at this short notice. Dick are selling their M-5110 for $86, which will give us a useful 150W. This enough to run all our phone chargers, a laptop, and probably a 34cm TV as well (so Paul can waste his life watching the OC)

However, Jaycar can sell us a 100W unit for only $44.95, and an equivalent 150W for $48.95! They also have a (claimed) 250% surge capacity (to run Mike's vibrator at full power) and safety features such as over-temperature shutdown and low battery alarm and shutdown.

A worthwhile addition I think, at a price unheard of a few years ago. We couldn't build one ourselves for that money.

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