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05/04/2005 10:29   CF-IDE   [Kombionics]

Thanks for the tipoff on CF IDE. I've just found these two products: a 512 MB CF Card for AU$85 and a CF-IDE converter board for AU$44.

That's awesome, and I guess if we headed to a computer fair (or even EBay) we'd be able to pickup the CF for a bit cheaper and may even find one of these CF-IDE devices. Although I wouldn't hold out too much as computer fairs don't always seem to have the more obscure hardware.

I just found this guy which converts SD to CF. Now I'm not too sure how the performance is going to be (maybe it's fine, I just don't know) but this bad boy costs AU$42. So if I can get a 512 MB SD card for $42 cheaper than a CF card it's economical. I'm not too sure it's going to be so though.

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