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05/04/2005 09:08   Bull Bar   [Wheels, Brakes And Suspension]

The bull bar on the front of the van is a little wonky at the moment. We plan to put some muscle behind it and straighten the bad-boy up before too long.

I had a query regarding how it attaches and this is easy to show with the following pictures.

They show that the bull-bar attaches with 4 mounting bolts. Two of these are the forward most bolts in the front suspension. These are female doging big 23mm (or are they 24mm?) bolts that need a lot of grunt and WD40 to open up. The other two are M8 (or M10) sized bolts with nuts that attach underneath the van, holding the bull-bar up, into holes in the chassis. Getting the bolts into the chassis rail via the opening in the side was a little trickey, but once they're in they drop down and do up OK.

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