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04/04/2005 11:26   Tunes   [Extras]

The sound system is something we've been thinking over since we bought the van last year. Obviously it has to be loud, but also felxible. We like the idea of being able to pull the van up at a camp site and pull the speakers outside, possibly using them as seats.

We also want to setup a system of bias resistors and pots to give us preset levels throughout the van. This would mean that we could modify the balance between the speakers with just the push of a button, depending on whether there are two people in the front or a full house of eight.

For now though we wanted some tunes, and lots of them. Four years ago I bought a kicking 150W [peak of course] sub and made up a female doging box for it. Nick donated a 400W [4 channel] amp that enabled us to wire up a quick and dirty sound system. The main drivers are a pair of Akai three-way 8Ω jobs that came off my old stereo. The mismatch of impedance means the amp is going to have a slightly harder time driving the cones which will limit the volume, but we're not too phased at the moment.

The whole lot took about an hour to wire up and was very simple: run some monster cable from the battery, run some monster cable to earth, wire up the main speakers and the sub - bridged across two channels.

Nick's laptop provided the tunes and we also used Bek's walkman. Anything that gives line level audio is suitable for now.

The verdict? It rocks. Hard.

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