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31/03/2005 11:14   IB End Point   [Road Trips]

The annual IB event is on this weekend and will culminate at some mystery location on Saturday.

Anyone who'd like to come out with us are more than welcome. We'll take a BBQ and plenty of drinks to go with our phat tunes and it should make for an enjoyable day.

Poz (if he doesn't get lost) will arrive at the end point around 9 and we'll be heading back before lunch, so it's not a whole day thing.

Like I said, should be fun, just let me know via email if you're interested.

By College law alcohol is banned at the IB end point, why, probably because they're a bunch of wooses, or something to do with dehydration... etc... etc... The penalty for being busted with booze is for the offending college to be eliminated entirely from the competition! So, being non-residents I think it's OK for us to drink, since there are no penalties to be applied. What if they try to eliminate my old college, Ursula, from the event? I dunno...

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