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14/03/2005 09:54   Survival   [General]

So we survived the weekend!

This involved extensive on-road testing of the Kombi and adequate assessment of it's various merits. Basically though, it was awesome, and very handy for shuttling 7 people around and down to the Salvos to find suitable school outfits for Tim's party - yes Nick and Mike I do wish we had a photo of your matching pink-check one-piece school dresses that would have last been worn by a 13 year old girl, although you boys looked much [emphasis mine] better than they ever would have.

Our Total-Loss® lubrication system is working a treat and we've now purchased a $7 tub of oil from the supermarket to keep her running until the leaks/drips/weeps can be sorted out.

We've also been very lucky in our evasion from heavy fines and do intend with all honesty to stop driving the Kombi around until it's registered. Saturday wasn't that bad, we had the permit, and that gave us permission to drive the van from 7am to 7pm for the purpose of repairs or inspection, so I guess it would have been tricky to explain why we needed eight blokes and a stack of beer to effect the repairs late at night

There are a few more details to comment on before the end of the day, but at this stage the plan for the week will be to sort the engine out and reduce our consumption of oil.

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