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10/03/2005 13:09   Registration Blows Chunks   [General]

So we like the idea of getting the van registered as soon as possible. However, we've painfully discovered that the entire process blows chunks, big time...

Here is a quick list of what we still need to do before we can contemplate getting the rego inspection:

  • Replace windscreen washer hoses and wire up switch.
  • Purchase and fit seat covers for back.
  • Fit seat belts for bench seat.
  • Fix speedo by counterbalancing needle.
  • Finish sealing the side window.

However, we can't get an inspection for tomorrow because everyone's booked out. Then to do the inspection we need an unregistered vehicle permit (UVP) from the RTA and that costs $28.05 for the day. But we don't have registration papers as we bought the body as a shell without plates, so it needs an ID check or something so the place that could fit it in tomorrow weren't prepared to do it without rego papers. So that requires a trip to the RTA to get them, but when I called them they told me I didn't need them, but even then, once we get the inspection scheduled and the Kombi passed we get hit for the following:

  • $28.05 - UVP.
  • $51 - Admin Fee.
  • $269.95 - Rego Fee for 3 Months.
  • $15 - 3% Stamp Duty based on market value which we reckon is only $500.

So what we plan to do is fit the seatbelts, get the covers in and then get a UVP for Saturday so we can hoon, er, I mean drive people around to Tim's party and stuff without any risk of getting busted by The Filth. Then we'll need another UVP to take the Kombi to the inspection sometime next week, but that's better for us as we then have heaps more time to look into fixing the speedo needle and getting the washers hooked up properly and even fixing that minor oil leak from the split push rod tube.

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