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08/03/2005 18:03   Windscreen Washer   [Extras]

The kombi uses a strange system to squirt water onto the windscreen. The reservoir with the water in it has a tyre valve on it. When you fill the washer bottle at the service station, you then take the air hose and put some pressurised air in the reservoir. The valve to control the water flow is in the stalk on the steering column, which means we have high-pressure water going up into the column, which would be very uncool in the event of a leak...

It seems we do have a leak in there somewhere - we experienced a steady drop in pressure in the reservoir when we did a dry test of the system.

Instead of dismantling the entire steering column (we couldn't work out _how_ to do that) we used a cheap water pump I already had lying around. It's just a nasty little impeller pump but it does the job. We plumbed it into the washer hose just below the reservoir (it needs to be below the pickup hose as it can't prime itself). The pump was wrapped in spare carpet underlay to reduce vibration, then the assembly was simply cable-tied in place, tucked under a panel. Not very elegant but it does the job. The switch was piggy-backed off the vent fan loom, and a new hole drilled in the dash to accommodate it.

It all seems to work except for the perished original rubber hoses which are cracked and piss water everywhere whenever the pump is run. Some cheap hose from a hardware store will fix this...

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