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07/03/2005 15:32   I Dunno What Title To Give This - Blah!   [Extras]

Last week end was good.

Wheels are painted and look pimp!

All the gauges work now, and all the warning lights work now. The number plate light works now.

In fact, there is nothing externally which needs to be done anymore! that is it!

All the remaining work is interior work such as seat belt mounts, install glove box, etc. In fact this bus could be registered tomorrow as a van (no passengers). If we wanted to we could actually do that, and apply for a transfer to mini bus rego later!

Has an appointment been made for the rego yet?

I would do it sooner rather than later ......

The new photo album set up is cool BTW.

Signed in Triplicate

The great female dog mammary glands.

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