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05/03/2005 12:00   Seat Clamps   [Interior]

Today the weather was dreary and very uninteresting. However, I was on a mission: to machine up seat mounts for the rear seats.

Now these little suckers are only small and shouldn't cost $26 each second-hand (rumoured to be $50-$70 new) but aparently that's what the guy at the wreckers wanted. Not being prepared to part with $200 to mount the bench seat we've decided to machine our own.

Reasons why this is a bad idea:

  • Not crash tested.
  • Not officially marked (may not pass rego inspection).
  • Time consuming and PITA to get right.

Reasons why this is a good idea:

  • Chance to save big hunk of cash.
  • Good experience in the workshop.

Now armed with all this I drew up a sensible design. The originals, from what I could see, appeared to be cast and probably hardened, steel. I reasoned that by using a high tensile bolt as the backbone of the mount then structural integrity would be maintained. The rest of the mount would be machined from heavy guage steel and stainless used for the locking pin. An aluminium spacer would assist in the mounting but not contribute anything to the strength.

I took heaps of photos over the entire weekend documenting the prototype, machining, assembly, and details of the construction. However, due to gross operator negligence the digital photos were lost from the camera.

I'll take some more photos showing the finished mounts, the fit, the design notes and how it all goes together, sometime soon.

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