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03/03/2005 11:53   Working Beeeeeeeeee   [General]

I have the day off tomorrow (Friday). About bloody time is all I can say, I've been at this prick of a university for seven years now. I don't see women queuing up to root me like van Wilder but at least I have a decent timetable for a change. Maybe this will facilitate my actually _attending_ classes, unlike the previous six years.

So I shall make good use of the time by hosting a working party at our place tomorrow. We should be able to get the side window in, have the bullbar sorted, and a few other things, while not actually having to work too hard. I am a big fan of the standing-around approach to automotive restoration - I think the long-lunch marketing executives call it "brainstorming" and charge 300 bucks an hour for it.

If there are enough takers (Paul? Mike? Tim?) I'll put on a barbie for lunch, or alternatively ask Rebecca to do it for us

We'll also be working a bit tonight, so feel free to show up this evening, or tomorrow, or even stay the night and we'll have freaky kombi-love until the break of dawn.

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