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02/03/2005 09:15   Little Pissy Bits   [General]

Well, last night we did a few of those little pissy bits in preparation for getting the Kombi registered.

Got the reverse lights working - with I might add - a lot less hasle than expected. It was seriously 5 minutes work!

Took the bushes out of the shocks to be replaced by real ones.

fixed the sway bar collars, and tightened the sway bar at the stubaxle.

a dry run of installing the seats took place (Ill leave it to bucket to explain what he did)

So all that is outstanding is:

fix the speedo
get the fuel gauge working
get the rest of the warning lights to light up
fit the missing window
work out the seat belts and that is it in terms of ADR compliance!

Signed in triplicate:

the great female dog mammary glands

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