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01/03/2005 11:03   Read More   [Website]

The browse features require a bit of an overhaul in the backend I'm afraid so it's not too easy to add the desired "next page" functionality requested by Nick. The main problem being that the "Browse" function was always intended to be read forwards in time, from old to new, yet the front page must logically be the other way around.

However, in case anyone noticed, the front page always shows the last 10 posts, plus, if you are a user it will always show any new posts since you logged in last. So you're not going to miss anything!

But guests don't have that luxury so to improve their functionality and internet experience I've added a next button to the bottom of the front page and that'll give you 5 more posts but it's a hack and not ideal as the controls on the next page won't work properly .

I'll look into getting it fixed up and will advise accordingly.

Update (01/03/2005 11:17): Full reverse read functionality now supported from front page

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