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28/02/2005 19:24   Side Window   [Doors And Windows]

Ash, have you had a new brainwave for the side window that requires a trip to Fyshwick? I too was giving the problem a bit of thought and I reckon 15 bucks worth of perspex (plexiglass, lexan etc...) would be a bit stronger and less time-consuming than trying to build out our existing bit of glass. I reckon we could also come up with a presentable replica of the Australian Standards logo if needs be

Now, if I found a bit of perspex, do we have a scrap of tinting film left to cover it with?

Of course if you have had an even more economical brainwave just ignore my ramblings.

PS I am still undecided on the Grand Trip South - Dear old mummy has plans but I can't remember when. I may just be able to have my cake and eat it too...

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