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28/02/2005 15:40   Planning   [General]

OK Guys, we're all rearing to go but Marty's right, we have a bit to do.

Rear Seats: Got these over the weekend and will soon attach a photo. They are total battlers, but that's OK, no one needs to panic, yet We need to find some suitable material to patch the holes with, any kind of old plastic or vinyl or canvas like material will be fine. Please keep your eyes peeled for anything like this as it'd be plenty of dollars to buy [unnecessarily] new. Once the holes are patched we just need some cheapo car seat covers from Kmart, or similar, to match the interior.

The rear seats require mounting bolts and brackets, I'll be looking into this very soon.

Side Window: This requires some work and special materials. I need a trip to Fyshwick sometime this week to collect these.

Suspension: This also requires a trip to Fyshwick, any takers?

Lights and Engine: Let's meet up tomorrow night to look over the details and catalogue what has to be done.

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