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21/02/2005 12:20   Easter   [Road Trips]

There has been much excitement recently as the Kombi is nearing some semblance of completion!

I am proposing the following inaugural road trip:

Depart: Canberra - 18th/19th/20th March

Route: Immediate drive to Melbourne, then one or two days in city before heading EAST on coast road: Wilson's Prom (eat Fairy Penguins) -> Gippsland (I've always wanted to catch and eat Giant Earth Worms!) -> Marty's Folks Farm (eat Sheep) -> More Coast (fishing!) -> Merimbula -> Return to Canberra via Cooma, etc...

Return: Canberra - 26th/27th/28th March

This would be an awesome trip to do for lots of reasons and the only real downside would be missing Easter with your families. But on the plus side: we can pick up Joel Dee in Melbourne, we can advertise space on the trip down and get some randoms to join us, we only need to miss 3 days of work or uni and we get a week and two days to have a great guilt-free trip!!!!!

Please post any ideas or thoughts here for us to discuss. This will depend on the van being registered in time, but I can give some assurance that this will be the case.

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