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09/02/2005 11:07   Totally Awesome   [General]

It's hard to convey in words the excitement (Marty did a top job below) that we all felt last night when the engine purred into life, then roared with guts as it drove us up the drive and out into the street. I was sitting in the back on the floor, hollering like an idiot, and Marty drove us down to the servo to fill-er-up.

He he, it was pretty funny because we thought the servo had closed so we decided to brave the trip into Belco, but as we turned towards the main road we could see a bunch of police cars up ahead, probably at an accident but we weren't taking any risks, and Marty did this drastic U-turn into the High School car park. It was choice fun and after that we realised that the local servo was actually open so we turned around and headed in for some fuel.

Hmmm, we put about $20 in and then found fuel leaking out all over the tarmack. It wasn't coming from any of the lines but we think it was the breather inlet on the fill pipe; this is where we've removed our emissions charcoal canister from and it may/or may not be all related.

It didn't matter much, we were grinning from ear to ear and some chicks walking past were checking our van out. I told them that it'd been in the garage for 6 months and this was its first trip out, but they weren't as impressed as I'd hoped and they walked away laughing.

We drove it around the suburb quite a bit last night; down the bottle shop and over to Marty's place to just hang out and relax and realise that "Damn, we've done it!"

I've been making short videos of stuff over the past weekend, the birthing of the Kombi if you will, and will edit it up and make a short tribute to our work. It'll be a few weeks coming though since I head away next week and want to get as much work on the van finished as possible before then!

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