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08/02/2005 13:30   Seatbelts And Seats   [Interior]

To bring the cab up to a usable state we cleaned out all the crap that had accumulated there over the past few months and fitted the head liner to the roof and the carpet kit to the floor. It looks choice.

We then fitted the seat belts. These guys had been removed from the old Kombi so there are no problems or "short cuts" to be taken; VW factory bolts going through VW factory fixtures into VW factory holes, all very easy.

We did them up as tight as we could and are happy that the alignment and placement are all standard so they will be safe in the event of an accident.

We also fitted the front seats and their beautiful covers that just look great These covers were a christmas present and while most people would first respond with: "Struth mate! Who shot the cookie monster?" ...they've since grown on me and I quite like them now.

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