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08/02/2005 13:23   Carpet Kit   [Interior]

Many people when they see the Kombi have been asking: "What are you doing on the inside?" This is a fair question and one that is easily answered.

Despite the terrible condition of that old crappy Kombi that got towed away a few weeks ago it actually came with a full interior carpet kit that was in great nick! One of the first things we did was to carefully remove the carpet and stash it in the shed for later.

It is now later...

The photo below shows the carpet kit out in the sunshine. It's a dark gray colour with some blue features=; pretty standard really. And before anyone says it, sure, it isn't a deep magenta shag, or a pimp white suede, or a polar bear faux fur, but it'll do for now

Affixing the roof carpet took about 45 minutes and three pairs of hands; two doing a lot of holding and one on the glue gun. We worked to a routine, two guys would hold the carpet against the roof while a third would apply glue to the next 30-50 cm section of roof. Then all three guys would press the next section up, smoothing out wrinkles and stretching the carpet in the right directions. This worked very well and, despite being time consuming, we achieved a good result with minimal fuss.

The headliner in the cab was a little trickier to fit. The basic plan is to glue it along the rear edge, then fit the wire braces, glue it at the front under tension, then stretch and poke the sides into the clasps there for the job.

In practice it was a little tricker and it's great that this Zero Nails can be wiped up with turps as it's easy to get the pooh everywhere!

So check the photos and see how it looks, I don't think it's that bad at all.

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