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08/02/2005 13:06   Accelerator Cable   [Engine And Drive]

As has been mentioned here earlier we had to make some modifications to the accelerator mechanism inside the cab. I fabricated a new pedal hinge out of some car tire cut to size, but we quickly found that this wasn't too crash hot; the pedal would "float" slightly and you wouldn't get anything like an immediate response from the mechanism.

To fix this I went to the hardware store and bought a door hinge for $3 (well, actually I got two for $3 but they wouldn't sell singly). By some amazing stroke of luck the bolt hole pattern in the pedal matched those in the hinge! But, we did have to drill some fresh holes in the floor pan, no big deal. The old holes got filled with deadener.

After replacing the pedal hinge we found that the response was very tight and we're all quite happy with that.

The cable out of the old wreck got cut way too short so we needed a replacement. Initially we fitted one of the solid core heater adjustment cables. This did the job but we were very worried about the cable breaking: solid cables will fatigue much more rapidly than a braided cable.

Rather than shell out for a new cable we went to the hardware store and bought 10 metres of 3mm braided cable for $8. This cable has a breaking strain of 375 kg, which is heaps, but the problem will be with wear, especially on the inlet and outlet of the channel that holds the cable.

The new cable was greased and fitted and cut to size and fixed with clamps. It is still fully adjustable and if we have any problems we can tweak the length until it's just right.

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