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07/02/2005 10:31   Chirping In First   [Engine And Drive]

I know that it has been a long time since my last posting to the Kombi Files, but let me put it this way – I have been putting 100% of my time into the actual Kombi, and the Kombi website could wait. :-P

Bucket and Nick have described fairly accurately what a F*&KING PAIN IN THE A#$E wiring can be. I have no idea (looking back) how much time the great porn star Nick and I have spent on that machine - you know for a few nights there I was dreaming Kombi wiring circuits – sad.

I can now rattle off insulation colours and tell you what they are for. – So if you want to stay awake: don’t ask me to.

I was soooo excited when Ash called me on my way home from work last week telling me that the blasted thing RAN! I felt sooo proud that all our work wasn’t a total wang-up since 90% of what I was doing was based off memory from when I was a Dack-Dack grease monkey…..and the other guys felt that was good enough. That’s the beauty of these machines. Ferdi P was on to a good thing when that Charlie Chaplin with only one testicle decided to harass him about a KDF Wagen.

So. Once the thing was wired correctly and running, the next step was to tune it.
My guess was that the dwell angle needed to be 50-60 degrees (being a 4 cyl motor) however….. the thing has since run worse – so ill take it back to its settings before I damned with it (26 deg) but that seems a little to small to me (note the understatement).

Timing is not that critical with these old machines – generally they should be 3-7 degrees BTDC at idle but with these old cars just advance them until they run well – seriously.

No work has been done to tune the carbies yet – and I suspect that that would be a large reason why the thing runs like pooh when it has a load on it. (without load the thing idles and revs freely).

Well – till next time when the Kombi can chirp in first, Ill send another post.

See ya


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